Artist Spotlight: Diane Boglisch

We are showcasing the work of a very talented member, Diane Boglisch.  Diane uses her artistic talents to make three-dimensional trees from strands of copper or silver wire, placing the completed trees on interesting pieces of wood or rock.  She first became aware of these trees while vacationing in Vermont and saw trees made of silver in an art store.  Her husband Dale surprised her on Valentine’s Day with a copper tree that he created.  It was beautiful and perked her interest in trying to make a tree herself.

A tree starts with a bundle of thin-gauged wire that can be easily twisted with fingers.  Diane then decides on the height and width and a general idea of the tree style.  She begins by twisting the stack of wires to form the branches.  As she moves up the tree, she decides if she wants to keep this pattern or make the top branches curvy or curly to resemble leaves.

Once this part is completed, she finds the perfect rock or piece of wood that will enhance the tree design.  Diane says, “it is amazing what a wooden piece or stone that you can find in your yard, or an a walk in the woods,  will be perfect to finish the piece of art.” She completes the roots by twisting the wire that she incorporates into the chosen base.  Finally, she glues the tree into place with a clear multi-purpose adhesive.  Once dried, the piece of art is sprayed with a clear satin finish to retain the copper/silver tone.

Diane’s art can be seen and purchased at the Agawam Senior Center in the case on the second floor.  Also, at the Beat the Blues Festival on March 2, 2024 at Sacred Heart Church in Feeding Hills.  You may also contact the artist by email: